In the Community

East Fife Youth Academy in the community is a section of the Academy which focuses on the the whole area of Levenmouth.

We look at how we can reach into community for both youths and adults whether it be through school visits, after school clubs, weekend clubs or adult classes, we are always trying to help people get more involved in activities and into a team or sporting environment.

Children can join the Academy from age 18 months + in our community team ‘The Mini Fifers’ progressing onto the Wee Fifers at age 3 and then onto Academy teams at age 5.

Kids who wish to come along and have fun but not necessarily take an active role in football are encouraged to come along to the clubs community evening.

The ladies section run a youth club on a Friday evening allowing kids the opportunity to train but have also received funding to provide the kids with a healthy home cooked dinner.

The Academy works closely with the schools in the area and attends school assemblies promoting activities and a healthy lifestyle. We also run after school clubs, and carry out a wide variety on in school training and activities.

We are fortunate to have a very good relationship with EFFC and this in turn gives all the children the opportunity to attend football matches and support their local team.  All kids from the age of 3 get the opportunity to play on the pitch at half time events, whether it is mini football games or beat the goalkeeper.  Also it is the Academy that provides the mascots, EFFC home games. At certain games all kids and parents are invited to attend free of charge which helps promote community involvement between both the Academy and EFFC.

We currently hold camps every year during the school holidays. This is open to all children within the area from age 5 to 15 and is advertised throughout the schools. The camps cover everything from First Aid, community safety, football and games. Most of the camp is associated with football skills and games, but there are also other activities included like old-fashioned sports days, rounders, and handball.

We have a very good relationship with other partners in the area and have the Police and Fire brigade attend the camps.

We have also started multi sports camp this is currently in conjunction with Fife Council and the sports hub. We recognise that not all kids like football but do need to be active on a more regular basis and are introducing them to ways in which they can.

The Academy tries to encourage all kids, adults and volunteers to get involved with the community and has not only raised money for charity, but taken part in a community initiatives. We are always very keen to support any cause and generally can send along volunteers.

Going forward we are introducing new sports and activities for all age groups and hope you as a community will get involved.